LaShawn Blake, CSS







Sip/Ponder/Repeat is my lifestyle philosophy. I love a good drink, and am fascinated with Spirits production, cocktail creation, and image building.  This project, which I call my passion project, is the culmination of these things… it’s about lifestyle, enjoyment, and effortless class.

A bit more about me.  I am a Maryland native, and work professionally in the Library Science field.  Library work is humbling (our work is NEVER done), and forces me to pay attention to fine details.  This serves me well in this arena, as I am curious and curiouser!  Just when I think I know, I’m exposed to some new topic or discipline – I repeat – Library work is very humbling.

In November, 2015 I received my Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS) from the Society of Wine Educators (SWE).  Most people I shared this with were flummoxed – either they thought I was talking about the paranormal, or they were confused as to why anyone would ever need a certification in such a thing!  Hey – I’m no expert.  I’m not a professional bartender (whom I think are some of the coolest, most intelligent, amazing people on Earth!),  I’m not a distiller (swoon!), and I don’t consider myself a “mixologist”.

The best way I can describe my CSS is this:  I have a passion for the finer points of imbibing and I wanted to know more, to understand…  Furthermore, I’ve arrived at this: I view myself as a Universal Spirits/Cocktail Ambassador.  I have a bond with every other imbiber, and am dedicated to connecting, sharing and learning with you all.  The Instagram Cocktail culture is proof that a drinking buddy need not be physically present.

Finally, I thank you for taking the time to visit my site!  I hope you enjoy the recipes, photographs (taken by me, unless otherwise stated) and musings.  Please feel free to comment – especially if you have a tweak to recommend, or something science-y to share.