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Smoking Gun – Molecular Gastronomy

I purchased a hand held smoker, and it was interesting and exciting to use.  Within 30 seconds, I was able to add hickory flavor to my maple n’ rye old fashioned.  Yum!  More deets later, cuz I have a day job.  Will add link to the smoker as well…


Where There’s Smoke …


2oz Redemption Rye Whiskey — 3/4oz Maple Simple Syrup (2:1) — 6 dashes El Guapo Whiskey Barrel Aged Cocoa Tea Bitters — 1 Barspoon luxardo Maraschino Syrup – Mix well with ice and strain — SPR


*Update – I like this contraption.  My drink tastes smoky – and that was my intent.  The more smoke I added, the smokier the taste… once again – it did what it said it would do…  The instructions are clear and easy to execute.  It comes with 4 double A batteries that will eventually need replacing, but I like that it’s cordless – which makes it super portable.  Finally, one minor ding – the wood chips come in a container that is wider than the surface area of the chamber you put them in… That makes it messy – but I’m sure we can find a way around that.  Hell, a zip loc with a hole in the corner would do… Will report back in a few months regarding how well it’s holding up.