All Around the World

I don’t travel Internationally nearly as much as I’d like.  I tell myself I can’t afford it – but that’s not the truth.  The truth is – I am gainfully employed and prioritize my funds according to my values, just as every other gainfully employed person does.  I enjoy travel, but it also drains me quite a bit.  So much getting there, then getting back.  What environment will I come back to?  The Spartan life is not for me – I need beauty and whimsy e’reday.


Ultimately – I am in love with creating a dynamic environment within my home.  This is my world, and it is ever changing – just as I am.  Design, photography, cocktail creation, and experimentation are things I value – and my bank account proves that. Damn, my hobbies are expensive af.


I say all of this because while my travel game needs a lot of work – I can still experience parts unknown through drink.  I can connect with people from Scandinavia by drinking something they drink – Aquavit.  I can connect with people in Scotland – their land is in the Scotch.  I can connect with those in Haiti by drinking the rum they painstakingly produce.  Ok, enough of my musings, for now…

Pirate’s Purse

1 3/4oz Rhum Barbancourt Rum (4yrs/3stars) — 3/4oz Linie Aquavit — 1/2oz Lime juice (though I think I overshot it – a bit) — 1/2oz Maple Simple (1:1) — 3 dashes each Peychaud’s and Dale Degroff’s Pimento bitters *This drink is deceptively mellow… it will sneak up on you, I betcha!t Also, I will revisit this recipe, maybe a little Laphroiag, too? Or omit something? Help y’all!* SPR


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