Cocktail Photo Contest – Round 2

Cocktail photo contest!


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Vintage Culver glassware set – Grand Prize. First runner-up receives yummy Lemon Mint (Lm) Element Shrub.

Alright, time for round two.  A huge thank you to everyone who participated in round one:  Caseyheartscocktails (grand prize winner), Baranza73 , Cosmicrainbowbeing , Hdiezzy , Kyliel108 , and Maxymixalot .  Please check them out!

Tag me in your photos @sipponderrepeat on Instagram to enter, and please #sipponderrepeat as well.  I’m excited to give away a little piece of vintage class and style.

The best photographs will be judged based on 1) composition 2) how tasty the cocktail sounds 3) use of ingredients/proportions and 4) style. The bartender/homebartender are both welcome! 1) Max 4 photos per entrant 2) classic cocktails welcome – but *must* add at least 1 original/unique spin to recipe 3) cocktail *must* be made by entrant 4) photos *must* be taken by entrant  5) Must be in the continental U.S. to enter

Best of luck!  I’m both nervous and excited – I love imagery and imbibing – and believe everyone has something unique to offer.  Shout out to my panel of judges who kindly agreed to assist me in this tricky process: boozebettercocktail.guruexpress_and_discard , kyliel108 , maxymixalot ,  migsology , and mmydrinks .  Please check out their pages – they’re some kind of awesome!

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