Liquor Lollipops

These Liquor lollipops were fun to make.

I visited my sister and her family in Georgia last month, and found this gorgeous crystal candy dish at an antique emporium…  I immediately googled anything to do with liquor and lollipops  – and found this great recipe on Leite’s Culinaria.  I used Rhum Barbancourt as my liquor – and the pops taste yummy.

png06 - 1
It’s a good idea to wait at least a few hours for lollipops to cool if using a lollipop mold, like I did…

I’ve been sitting on the recipe since that day in early July, and am happy that I finally executed it.  It was  fun working with the thermometer,  messy dealing with the stickiness… but overall I consider it a successful endeavor!  Even with my afflicted-looking lollipops!  The recipe says to “cool completely” – don’t be hasty like me (I’m always impatient…) and allow these pops to cool for at least a few hours before removing…


png07 - 1
Not perfect, but it’s candy!!! There’s no filter on these pics, just the beauty of crystal and natural light…

Good luck! Let me know if you like the recipe, what booze you choose to use, and if your lollipops look professional like… or quirky, like mine 🙂

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